What Is Bitumen ?

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What is bitumen?

Production process
Process by which compressed air is blown into vacuum bottom residue, typically at 230–260 °C in a reactor. This process results in complex reactions (such as Dehydrogenation، Polymerization، Oxidation). different grades for suited applications produced Due to ratio of air blowing
chemical of bitumen
Road: 90 percent of the bitumen is used in the construction and maintenance of roads
Roofing: 10 percent of the bitumen is used in the roofing and other (canals and tunnels, pipe coating)
Natural Bitumen: This bitumen is extracted from mines, which are used in many industries, including road construction, the paint industry, polish and insulation of tanks and tubes and molding
Coal Tar: Coal tar is a black or dark-brown a residue produced by the heat treatment of coal. It is a solid at room temperature
Petroleum Bitumen: Mixture of hydrocarbons derived from petroleum. Black or brown, it varies from viscous to solid ، producing by air blowing process vacuum bottom (crude oil derivatives)

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