+ How is it possible to pay the amount to iran stock globally in RLS?
Foreign companies can pay for their purchases in Rials through their representative in Iran or their trusted exchange.
+ Is it possible for you (Jey Oil Refining Company) to export your products through the customs to our country?
Jey Oil Refining Company is able to deliver the exported goods in form of Ex-work, FOB Bandar Abbas and CFR to globally.
+ How can we register in iran stock?
According to the laws of Iran Mercantile Exchange, only legal entities are allowed to obtain customer code. Buyers must select the vendor and provide the following documents for obtaining the code in order to be given to the exchange after that the authenticity of the documents is compared and verified by the broker.

  • The application of buyer’s code approved by the agency after completion.
  • Copy of the Articles of Association.
  • Copy of the official gazette and the advertisement of recent changes in the company.
  • Economical codes and the national identity of the company.
  • Company's financial statements for the latest fiscal period with the latest reports of the legal auditor.
  • Copy of birth certificates of members of the Board and CEO.
  • Other documents, certificates and supporting documents regarding the buyer’s activity in the areas related to the purchased goods according to the approvals of “admissions committee of Iran Mercantile Exchange’s buyer.”
  • Copy of the economic card (for purchasing inner ring)
  • The license of operation (for purchasing inner ring)

Companies which are incorporated outside iran, should give a copy of all documents and their license, passport copies of the signature owners and board members to Iranian Consulate or Embassy of Iran in their own countries to be confirmed and give the certified copies to their broker.
+ When it is possible to order the product through the stock market?
The buyer can go to the company’s website (www.jeyoil.com) or the supply notices in Iran Mercantile Exchange website (www.ime.co.ir) in order to find the conditions of all releases of the company (including releases of the inner ring and the exported ring) and if they want to buy, before the related release, they should complete the order form and submit it to their broker.
+ Who is responsible for the Cost of THC and SGS?
The buyer should pay the inspection costs and THC (Terminal Handling Charges).
+ What are the types of transportation of the products? and which one is the best way?
Depending on the type of package, the distance to the destination, customs and clearance fees in the country of destination, the prices are different.
+ Do you have a price change every week? If this is, how the money should be paid to the Exchange?
Conditions of sale and price are determined based on sales policies of the company and will be announced to the Exchange before each offer. After the transaction is done in the Exchange forum, and finalized ,the price is fixed and subsequent price volatility will have no effect on the transaction price.

- Conditions of payment will be in accordance with the Exchange laws or the agreements made between the company and the buyer.
+ How much is the cost of brokerage? Is this cost paying by Jey Oil Refining Company or by the customer?
The commission of sales in Iran Mercantile Exchange trading is contained in the following table. It should be mentioned that the buyer should pay buy commissions and the seller should pay sale commissions.
+ Is it possible that the export of product be done by other Commercial companies?
The local registered companies registered should export using their business card and their goods should be declared on their own name.

-The companies registered abroad can export their goods using the business card of Jey Oil Company and with the name of Jey Oil Company.
+ Is it possible to make the payment in dollar to the Exchange and the Exchange deliver it to Jey Oil Refining Company in Rls?
No, it's not possible.
+ Whether the customs affairs, after paying the amount will be done by Jey Oil Refining Company or by the brokerage of the customer?
Customs operations will be done by Jey Oil Company after the payment of the purchase and the related customs costs.
+ How much does it take that the product be provided and delivered?
The sale draft will be issued for the buyer after the payment of purchases and getting the necessary information. The validity period of bulk bitumen’s draft is 20 days since the draft issuance date and the validity period of barrel bitumen’s draft is 40 days since the draft issuance date. Extension of the above mentioned deadlines will be possible according to the approaches of Jey Oil Company and with the agreement of the company.
+ How much time does it take that the product be provided and delivered after buying from the exchange?
Jey Oil Company can produce and supply the various kinds that their technical specifications are mentioned on the company website. 60/70, 85/100 and MC250 bitumens are produced continually and in mass and can be delivered immediately. But the production of other bitumens is according to the buyer’s order and the delivery takes 15 working days since the draft issuance date. The minimum amount of order for custom-made bitumens is 2500 tons.
+ How is the method and procedures of paying the amount?
Jey Oil Company sells in cash. Buyers can pay the purchases to the account recommended by Mercantile Exchange Organization or the account number of Jey Oil Company.
+ Is there anyother company except Jey Oil Refining Company to be able to barrels the customer's bitumen?
Jey Oil Company can deliver bitumen in barrel packages using a production line of barrels. Buyers can also purchase bulk bitumens and give the packaging to contractors and packaging companies. As Jey Oil Refining Company tests all its productions according to valid national and international standards and the certificate of quality assurance is given to the buyer’s representative when delivering each shipment (at the loading place), in case of any changes in quality and initial specifications of the product, the buyer is responsible for all liabilities arising from non-compliance of goods with the standards.
+ if we are going not to buy from the exchange, what solution do you have?
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