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An undisputed master of archery invited his most popular student to see his art.
The student had seen this program over one hundred times, but decided to obey the order of his teacher.
In the jungle, the teacher chose a tree and put a stone on one of its branches. He stood within a hundred steps to the goal and asked his student to close his eyes with a handkerchief. The student obeyed the order of his teacher.
The teacher asked: How many times have you seen my archery practice?
The student answered: “every days, and you shot the target from three hundred steps away and never missed.”
Blindfold teacher placed his feet firmly on the ground, used all his power to take bow string, pointed at the stone on the oak branch and shot the arrow. The whistling arrow split the air and missed far over the stone without hitting the tree.
The teacher opened his eyes and asked: “Did it hit the target?”
The student answered: “It missed so far over the target.”
The teacher said: “I taught you an important lesson about thought concentration power. When you want something, just focus on it. No one never won’t reach a goal that isn’t seen.”

Training tips of tale:
We should set goals for ourselves, managers and employees at different organizational levels to steer the organization towards the desired state, and spread these goals in the organization with suitable information. Sets goals should have seven characteristics as follows:
1) It should be acceptable.
2) It should be flexible (It means that it could be changed in level, but could not be changed in nature).
3) It should be measurable and quantifiable.
4) It should be created motivation.
5) It should be in line with the mission and objectives of the organization.
6) It should be understandable.
7) It should be achievable.

Source of story: Service Development Company of Spring Management