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Can Weakness Become Strength


A 10-year-old boy was handed over to a judo master to study judo despite the fact that he had lost his left arm in a car accident. Father insisted that the judo master build a judo champion from his son.
The master accepted and promised that he could see his son as an entire champion after one year.
During six months training, master only taught him bodybuilding and didn’t teach him even one move. After passing six months, they received a news that the regional tournament will be held one month later in the city. Teacher taught ten-year-old child only one move and practiced on it till holding the tournament. Finally the tournament was held. Surprising all, the boy easily won matches by using his one move. Three months later, the boy won the entire club tournament by using one move. After ending the tournaments, on the way home, the boy asked his teacher about the secret of his success.
The master said:"You won for three reasons. First, you've almost mastered one move that I taught you. Second, it was your only hope. And third the only known defence for that move is for your opponent to grab your left arm, the one that you no longer have."

Training tip of tale:
Learn to use your weaknesses as strengths in your life and work. The secret of success is not having the facilities, but it is using of the "lack of facilities" as a strong point.

Source of story: Service Development Company of Spring Management