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Supply Board 22 September 2019

Base price & sales terms and conditions for customers of Bitumen in 22 September 2019


Bitumen Type

Production Site

Quantity (MT)

Maximum Supply (MT)

Delivery Conditions

Transaction Type

Base Price/MT




Bandar Abbas



Bulk- Bandar Abbas Ex. Work

Export- Cash


Total Qty







Price Table (1)

1-Terms & Conditions:

1-1- The above-mentioned prices are valid only for cash payment.

1-2- The payment of transaction is in IRR and the transaction rate is based on the transaction date according to regulations of IME.

1-3- All domestic and foreign buyers should pay 9% VAT at the settlement time.

1-4- All domestic and foreign buyers are responsible for export customs clearance and purchased goods will not be cleared by seller.

1-5- Change of the bitumen grade by customers at delivery time is not possible.

2- Payment terms (Price table 1):

2-1-The buyer should pay the total amount of contract within 5 working days of transaction date in IME.

3- Delivery schedule:

3-1-The maximum time to collect the orders is 30 calendar days from date of transaction in IME. If buyer fails to collect at the mentioned time, the cost of storage will be received according to seller’s regulations.

4- Other Conditions:

4-1-Remained quantity of any sales order less than 14 MT is not at the seller obligation and the balanced will be return to the buyer.