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Our Units

Bitumen unit

Asphalt Unit No. 1 (Production of Air Blown Bitumen)
This unit has been Designed and installed by an U.S. Company with the capacity of 10,000 BPD and currently has been developed to produce 22,000 BPD.
Asphalt Unit No.2 (Production of Air Blown Bitumen)
This unit includes two separate reactors, which were designed and equipped based on the European latest technology. Each reactor has the nominal capacity of 9000 barrels per day. The unit is capable of producing maximum 18000 barrels per day.

Cutback Bitumen Unit

The unit was designed and constructed by NIOC with the production capacity of 7100 barrels per day and it is capable of producing all kinds of cutback Bitumen.

Bitumen Emulsion Unit

The bitumen emulsion production unit with the capacity of 200 tons per day was designed and installed based on the European Latest Technology. It is capable of producing 2-phased bitumen with water in order to be congruous with the environment and to be replaced the cutback Bitumen.

Engineering, research and development

Activities of Jey oil Co’s engineering team is providing solutions, Research for new process technologies and producing new products.


Jey oil co. Laboratory equipped by Modern Equipment is providing various tests based on standards (ASTM, AASHOT, EN &....) and Also conduct the quality control process for production department.

Loading Unit

This unit conducts the weighing and loading operation for bitumen products both in bulk and contained in accordance with the safety and environmental obligations. Also it is capable of loading 14 tankers simultaneously together with barrel-filling facilities.

Barrel Construction Unit

The factory, with the manufacturing capacity of 8000 barrels per day, was constructed by use of semi-automatic equipments in order to manufacture high quality barrels for domestic and export bitumen and to meet the customers’ needs.


Warehouse is established for storage equipment and required consumable items

Commercial departement

Jey Oil Refining Company Sales its products in two domestic and foreign sections.

Bandar Abbas

Our storage site (terminal) in Bandar Abbas with capacity of 500,000 Ton/Year , is the largest bitumen storage terminal in Iran port.